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The Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN) is a global network conducting market research and opinion polls in every continent.To the network participate the largest independent market research and polling companies in their respective countries. Our assets are:Thought leadership: access to a group of the most prominent experts and business entrepreneurs in Market Research, Polling and ConsultancyFlexibility: tailormade global and local solutions to meet clients’ needsInnovation: access to the latest strategic consultancy, tool development and branded solutionsLocal experts: access to a network of experts that truly understand the local culture, market and business needsTrust: highest quality of talented members in all countries coveredIn the years, WIN has demonstrated wide competences and ability to conduct multi-country surveys following the highest standards requested by the market. The accumulated expertise of the Association is formidable: Third World issues, advertising and media research as well as retail, economics, and corporate research.
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Interesante proyecto de DYM para Barcelona Global

DYM ha intervenido en un proyecto para Barcelona Global con la colaboración de CaixaBank DayOne y Barcelona Tech City con el fin de entender cuáles son las circunstancias que favorecen la expansión de “scale-ups” en Barcelona.