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END OF YEAR SURVEY: Giving the World a Voice 

The End of Year (EoY)™ survey is one of the longest standing traditions of WIN/GIA Association.

WIN/Gallup International Association’s End of Year survey is a global study that collects the public’s view on the challenges that the world faces today.

Ongoing since 1977, WIN/Gallup International has always considered that giving a Voice to the People is one of the responsibilities of market researchers and at the core of the founding philosophy of our Association.

The purpose of WIN/Gallup International’s End of Year is revealed in the own words of its founder, Dr. George H. Gallup:
‘If democracy is supposed to be based on the will of the people, then somebody should go out and find out what that will is. The right to speak out vigorously on governmental and corporate policies is one of the most staunchly defended freedoms of the World.’

The End of Year survey provides a scientific window into the thoughts and behaviors of the world’s population.