DYM survey: More than half of Spaniards consider Vox and Unidas Podemos to be extreme parties.

  • For PSOE voters, both parties are radical, although they place Vox as extreme right to a greater extent.
  • Four out of five PP and Cs voters believe that Unidas Podemos is a party that moves away from moderate postulates.
Consideration of Vox and Unidas Podemos as extreme parties.Consideration of Vox and Unidas Podemos as extreme parties.Henar de Pedro

More than half of Spaniards believe that Vox and Unidas Podemos are extreme political parties. But the consideration changes depending on who makes that statement. While the vast majority of citizens who position themselves ideologically on the left pigeonhole Santiago Abascal’s party on the extreme right, three out of four Spaniards on the right or center right see Unidas Podemos as an extreme left-wing party.

This is reflected in the DYM survey for 20minutos, carried out between March 16 and 19, which, specifically, reveals that almost two thirds of the population (65.7%) believe that Vox is an extreme right-wing party and slightly more than half (55.5%) consider Unidas Podemos to be an extreme left-wing party.

Now, neither those who voted for Vox in the last elections of 2019, nor those who positioned themselves for the purple party, consider the parliamentary group for which they opted then to govern in the last elections to be extreme parties. Only a small minority of 16.7% and 19.1% of Vox and Unidas Podemos, respectively, place them in the extreme.

Only a majority of the PP does not consider Vox to be extreme right-wing.

The proportion also changes if we look at the other political parties for which citizens voted three years ago. For PSOE voters, for example, Vox is undoubtedly – 91.3% say so – an extreme right-wing parliamentary group. For Ciudadanos voters the proportion is reduced. Slightly more than half (55.8%) position it as such, and 32.8% do not believe it is a radical party.

Less differentiated is the proportion among the voters of the Popular Party. There is no division, but there is less unanimity. While half (49.6%) deny that Vox has the ideological basis to be considered an extreme party, 39.6% do consider it as such.

More than half of PSOE voters believe that Podemos is radical

With the perception towards Podemos something similar happens, but changing the lathes. That is, most of the parties located in the center or on the right of the political spectrum place the purple party as extreme left. On the other hand, those who are located further to the political left do not see it that way.

According to the results of the survey, four out of five PP and Ciudadanos voters believe that UP is a party located on the hard left (77.6% and 77.4%, respectively). It is also considered as such by those who voted for the PSOE in the last elections. More than half (53.3%) believe that the legislative partners of the current government are far from moderate postulates, compared to 38.8% who do not see it as such


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