Spaniards sleep worse and drink more often but 84% eat healthy

Young people between 25 and 34 years old are the ones who say they feel the most stressed.
DYM publishes a survey on the occasion of This Thursday of World Health Day.

The covid continues to mark the lives of citizens and affects the perception they have of their own state of health. The fact that the pandemic has lasted throughout 2021 has contributed to the continuing decline in the percentage of Spaniards who feel healthy. However, contrary to what happened in 2020, when the population generally tended to take more care of themselves, this time healthy habits have worsened.

This is the conclusion of the survey published by the DYM Institute, on the occasion of World Health Day this Thursday, and prepared together with WIN International, dedicated to market research and opinion polls. “There are countries where some bad habits can be related to cultural and lifestyle aspects, so people are eager to return to them as the pandemic gets over, even if they are not healthy,” says Vilma Scarpino, win’s president

The survey determines that 74% rate their health as good or very good. The data is high but three points lower than the previous survey and five compared to the results prior to the coronavirus.

Beyond this global vision, what follows are the variables taken into consideration. Healthy food This concept, which enters the study for the first time, is the best positioned. 84% state that they eat healthily fairly or very often, with no significant variations between men and women.

The figure reflects an increase as the age ranges advance, reaching 90% from 55 years. sleep and sport When asked how often they sleep well, 63% say very often or moderately, which is a significant drop from 72% in 2020. 12% say very little, occasionally or never, compared to 8% previously . It also decreases, but less – from 57 to 55% – the percentage of those who exercise very regularly or in moderation.

Along these lines, those who practice sports very little or never rise from 18 to 21%.

Alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol consumption, which in 2020 marked a positive trajectory, now shows an increase.

Although the figure for those who drink very little or never remains at 53%, the figure for those who drink it sometimes falls –from 30 to 27%– and that of those who drink very frequently –from 17 to 20%– increases. . The number of citizens who smoke a lot or moderately also increased, although not as much -from 24 to 25%.

However, the figure for those who consume tobacco very little, occasionally or never also rises one point, to 67%.


The accumulated tension does not present changes: 27% of those surveyed affirm that they suffer stress very frequently or moderately. On the contrary, 43% say they feel very little stressed or never feel stressed, which is one point more than in 2020. By age, young people between 25 and 34 years old are the ones who report feeling the most stress.

The position of Spain in the world The DYM and WIN International survey covers 39 countries. This makes it possible to compare the situation in Spain with the rest and verify that in terms of general self-perception it is below average. Globally, 77% of the population sees their health as good or very good, compared to 74% of Spaniards.

The variables in which Spain appears best positioned in the classification are regularity when it comes to physical exercise and healthy eating. In the first case, our country is in fourth place, only behind India, Finland and Paraguay.

The world average of those who practice sport very frequently or moderately is 40%, fifteen points less than the Spanish figure. Regarding the perception of eating healthy, the Spaniards are well above the average. 84% affirm that they eat healthy on a regular basis, compared to the world average, which reaches 67%.

Spain is also the state in which its inhabitants claim to suffer the lowest levels of stress. 27% respond that they are usually overwhelmed, when the average percentage is 33%. That positions the country the ninth least stressed. Only Vietnam, Thailand, Denmark, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil and Ecuador appear better. On the other side of the coin, Spaniards are among the citizens who smoke the most and consume the most alcohol.

The global average of those who do it a lot or moderately stands at 18 and 16%, respectively, with 24 and 20% in Spain. On tobacco, we close a top 10 that includes Greece, Palestine, Turkey, Serbia, Lebanon, Poland, Croatia, Kenya and Germany. On alcohol we are ninth, surpassed by Japan, Ireland, Great Britain, Denmark, Canada, China, South Korea and France. Finally, with 63% of Spaniards sleeping well, Spain is around the world average, situated at 65%.

Data sheet Sample and methodology:

1,000 online interviews in Spain and 33,236 worldwide.

Error: the margin of error is between 2.5% and -4.4% for a confidence level of 95%.

Field work in Spain: carried out between October 20 and 24, 2021.


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